Apartment management advice

We are a company with deep roots in the region
so we can provide thorough advice.

A key point for rental-housing management is the ability to perceive the current status of the region and anticipate future changes. This is another strength of a company with deep roots in the region. Market surveys and building site condition checks are very difficult for the average person. You can find peace of mind by leaving such tasks up to an architectural firm specializing in rental-housing management and land utilization.

The process flow for apartment management

  1. 1.Consultation/discussion
  2. 2.Land survey
  3. 3.Market survey
  4. 4.Planning
  5. 5.Income calculation
  6. 7.Financial discussions
  7. 8.Apartment plan
  8. 9.Building-confirmation application
  9. 10.Contract
  10. 11.Construction
  11. 12.Tenant solicitation
  12. 13.Handover of completed building
  13. 14.Tenants begin
    moving in
  14. 15."Follow-up Customer Service"