Shared ResidenceInvestment
Maison du Marine III A and B

As you can see, Maison du Marine III A and Maison du Marine III B have different exterior color schemes. The second floor residence also has an inside staircase leading up to it.
The apartment's interior uses a cool brown to present a relaxed living space.

A:Hanazono-cho, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 1-chome 4-9 B:Hanazono-cho, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 1-chome 4-16

Property type:
Construction date:
Total floor measurements:
Site measurements:
1F:106.00㎡ 2F:101.03㎡

Construction example overlooking 360 °You can see the property 360°!
You can move the photo freely with the mouse.

Construction example overlooking 360 °You can see the property 360°!
You can move the photo freely with your finger.

  • A's exterior uses a light brown for its base color to present a cool composed color scheme.

  • The first-floor residence's entrance flows smoothly and quickly into the living room. Everyone can appreciate the generously sized shoe shelf.

  • The entrance to the second-floor residence leads directly to the inside staircase. Kind of exciting, isn't it?

  • As we ascend the stairs, we see warm sunlight reaching in from the balcony.

  • The living room also uses a cool and composed brown for its base color scheme.

  • The spacious kitchen which there is noting to block. You can enjoy cooking comfortably.

  • A western-style room with its own closet. Why not try arranging this space to suit your own style?

  • The bathroom is past the kitchen.

  • The shower room has transparent shelving, helping you to make effective use of its space.

  • The restroom is positioned outside the living room, neatly dividing their spaces.

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    1st Floor Entrance

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    2nd Floor Entrance

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    Western-style room

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