VISION"The homebuilding vision
of Tomakomai custom-home builder Atelier RacTas"

A feeling like solving a puzzle

A feeling like solving a puzzle

One of the basic principles of Atelier RacTas homebuilding is to place great importance on dialogue. The reason is that we believe the mutual understanding and trust born from dialogue are indispensable to ideal homebuilding.

Please let us ask you about your own dreams and vision. As architectural design professionals, we will investigate the best options for satisfying your sense of value, and with a free-thinking approach not fettered by preconceptions, we will propose an appealing one-of-a-kind space just for you.

The homebuilding process can also be thought of as a continuous series of investigations and decisions. A certain amount of time is needed for this. However, the feeling experienced is like solving a puzzle, and we are sure that you will come to enjoy the time that we spend together thinking about your new home.

In the end, the answer will take form, accompanied by a sense of satisfaction.

Why not enjoy building your home together with us?