FLOW"Atelier RacTas custom-home process flow up to a contract"

Our "enjoyable homebuilding" process
will lead to enjoyable living.


We believe that many customers are unsure where to start when it comes to discussing the building of a custom home. They probably also have doubts about how much it might cost to build their ideal home.
Well, first of all, you should feel free to talk to us. Building your own home will be a major project for you. It is only natural that you harbor various doubts and uncertainties. At RacTas we begin the homebuilding process with a dialogue with you the customer. We start by asking about your ideals and doubts so we can understand your situation. We also explain the procedure for building a home that will meet your expectations and the detailed homebuilding-process flow.

For a consultation, please come directly to our office or contact us by telephone or email. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Homebuilding StepsSTEP

1. Interviews
In order to decide the overall outline for the homebuilding, from the content of the dialogue, we develop an understanding of your budget and financing plans as well as your ideal lifestyle and worldview.
2. Plan presentation
While staying true to the interview content and terms, we present a distinctive RacTas plan. Then, with this plan as a base, we engage in iterative discussions to produce a plan that satisfies you.
3. Specification and finishing discussions
Once the basic plan has solidified, we fill in the details via discussions concerning your concrete requests for materials, specifications, finishing, etc.
4. Estimate presentation
Based on the plan, specifications, and finishing, we present you with a homebuilding cost estimate. This is a detailed estimate that covers everything, including external water supply/drainage piping, demolition cost, piling work, etc.
5. Estimate adjustment
Confirming the specifics with you as necessary, we adjust the estimate for plan and specification changes in the case of a budget shortage or surplus.
6. Application
If you decide to contract the work to our company, the main design work begins. Since we begin working on the execution drawings of the contract, it is necessary to pay 3% of the planned contract amount as application money.
7. Contract
After confirming that the drawing, specification, and finishing estimates are the same as was discussed up to this point, a contract is concluded.